Spring Camp 2017*

  • Thursday, June 1st thru Sunday, June 4th
  • Extended Camp: Wednesday, May 31st, 2016
  • Lake Delton, Wisconsin at the Perlstein Resort and Conference Center at Camp Chi

Fall Camp 2017*

  • Thursday, October 5th thru Sunday, October 8th
  • Extended Camp: Wednesday, October 4th, 2016
  • Lake Delton, Wisconsin at the Perlstein Resort and Conference Center at Camp Chi


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Spring and Fall Camps are the mainstay of Camp Dogwood and the sessions that are most reminiscent of an overnight camp experience.  A typical day at camp offers you anywhere from 25-30 “dogcentric” activities to choose from.  The training sessions emphasize positive reinforcement and fun for you and your dog(s).  Lectures and demonstrations always center on enriching the time we have with our four-legged friends.  You decide how much or how little to do each day.  Spring and Fall Camp sessions are designed to be fun, relaxing, educational, and a time for making memories with your dog and camp friends.  We make one guarantee after Spring & Fall Camp, a tired dog…and person.

All overnight camp packages include your selected lodging (and yes, dogs sleep with you), all meals & snacks (dogs bring own chow), and all standard programming. Rates are listed per human camper (except “couples rates”) with up to two dogs.

Our different lodging accommodations are available in different ways, depending on the number of people per room: “Single Occupancy” provides one person a private room or cabin. “Double Occupancy” provides one private room or cabin for a couple or two people attending together. “Group Occupancy” is intended for three or more people. Double and Group occupancies are to house multiple campers, but we do not provide roommate matching.

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Spring and Fall Camp Highlights

  • All lodge buildings have heat and air-conditioning, full and/or queen size beds with box springs and spring mattresses, and individual private bathrooms.  Rooms are comparable to a modest hotel (ex. Days Inn – but with no television).

  • All lodge buildings are centrally located with a very short distance to the dining hall.

  • The cabins are situated in a village setting, we call Bark Town.  Bark Town has fire circles, multiple shared bathrooms, and various areas that campers can use for socializing.

  • Each cabin has a porch, electricity, wood floor, and built in bunk beds and wood cubbies for storing belongings.  The campers are similar to a typical overnight camp cabin found at a girl/boy scout camp.
  • Bark Town is located a little farther away from the dining hall than lodges, although it is very close to the programming fields.

  • Campers may choose to stay in lodge or cabin accommodations, bring a tent and camping equipment or make off-site housing arrangements on their own.

  • There are also a number of Day Passes available at each camp session for those choosing to attend and “try camp” for only 1 or 2 days of programming (no lodging or overnight stay, but meals are included).
  • Tent campers get to take advantage of all we offer, including all meals, but just prefer to tent-out under the stars with their dogs.  Although we do not have groomed camp sites, we can find you a spot nestled amongst our cabins. Tent campers are located near bath houses with showers, sinks, and toilets.


  • The dining hall is beautiful, air conditioned, heated and overlooks Lake Blass.

  • Countless indoor activity spaces of all sizes that are air conditioned/heated.

  • Wifi throughout Perlstein with a computer center with printer access for campers.

  • Main field has lights, which provides an opportunity for evening sport activities.

  • A common kitchen and on-site coin operated washer/dryer.  There are 3 general use refrigerators/freezers for storing dog food and essentials.

  • The property is 700 acres, including many large fields, multiple private access areas on Lake Blass and miles of hiking trails.

  • A large fenced in area for dogs to play off-leash, or individuals to reserve for their reactive dogs to play freely.

  • There will be a “Canine Corral / Barking Lot” where people can, if they choose, keep dogs crated in the shade or on a camper-provided tie-out, near the dining hall while inside.  For dogs that can be crated, there is also an indoor air conditioned room near the dining hall where dogs can be crated during meals.

  • To see the FACILITY’S WEBSITE (you will NOT see a lot of dogs on their website) with more information about the physical location (NOT the Camp Dogwood programs), visit here: http://www.gojcc.org/perlstein-resort/

Not that there is ever a reason to leave the fun at camp, but the surrounding Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton/Baraboo area has many local attractions, shopping, restaurants, and nearby State Parks for hiking.  The Dells Ducks are actually dog friendly! Visit www.WisconsinDells.com to investigate other dog-friendly points-of-interest which might apply to you while in the area.

CAMP RATES For Spring and Fall sessions

Cabin Rates

Single Occupancy


Per Room

Double Occupancy


Per Person

Double ( Only 1 Dog )


Per 2 People

Group Occupancy (3+)


Per Person

Lodge Rates

Single Occupancy


Per Room

Double Occupancy


Per Person

Double ( Only 1 Dog )


Per 2 People

Group Occupancy (3+)

- - -

Call To Inquire

Other Rates

On-Site Tent / RV


Per Person

Off-Site Program & Meals Only


Per Person

Daypass 1 Person


Per Person

Friday OR Saturday

( 1 or 2 Dogs )

Daypass 1 Person


Per Person

Friday AND Saturday

( 1 or 2 Dogs )

Daypass 2 People


Per 2 people

Friday OR Saturday

( Only 1  Dog )

Camp Upgrades

Extended Stay Camp Upgrade


Per Person

( Arrive 1 day early )

Extra Dog Additional Camper


Per Dog

( Each human fee includes up to 2 dogs )

Trip Insurance

We know life happens, we really do and over the years a lot of good people with great dogs have had to cancel or change their camp registration, often once the deadline has passed for any type of refund or credit.  If you are concerned that you may have to cancel your camp registration or you just want the security of knowing that if something unforeseen were to happen, we strongly recommend that you consider purchasing Trip Insurance.

Our Extended Camp Option

Camp Dogwood allows full-weekend campers the option of starting the fun a day early…however campers must pre-register for this extended option. Extended Camp includes meals and an extra night of lodging and although there is no activity schedule on this extra day of camp, it is a great way to become familiar with the camp facility, relax and get settled in before all the excitement begins. Come and hike or swim at the beach, play on an open field…or just chill out with the other early-arrivals. Extended Camp upgrade fee: $125.

Spring and Fall Camp Registration Options